Our Service

We are confident that with our expertise and experience, we will serve well with competitiveness in all aspects for Vietnam industry that require to improve or upgrade technology and innovation particularly in energy saving and automation production process.

1 Diversity of Solutions – customization, tailor made and turnkey would be appropriately proposed for each industry including production capacity, e.g.

  • To improve production process, more reliability and minimize loss to help reduce production cost
  • To improve quality control of power systems by the appropriate engineering design, as well as regenerative power by machines to return power back into the power grid resulting in energy saving



2 Proper Design and Assembling of Electric Panel for Machinery Control for Distribution

  • Monitoring System is used to control, adjust and record various data. Client’s preferred language on display can be customized
  • Improvement of power and control system for a complete automation system



3 Assembling of Low, Medium and High Voltage Panel and Sub-station

  • In case the business can sell the electricity to the government, the interconnecting device of electric power panel controller must synchronize well with the electricity authority for the purpose of selling the electricity.
  • Moreover, selling the electricity to the government is very serious and requires sensitive technical power interconnecting, and hence expertise and experience are very important factors. In term of power synchronization, the stability of voltage and frequency of generator sides must be concerned which is CPT’s expertise



4 Product Distribution – Our distribution panel can be assembled in our own factories and we have been appointed distributor of many standard products

  • Our factory is of international standard which can produce 7,200 Panel/Year. It has passed ISO 9001:2008 certification and UKSA Quality Management as global competitors
  • We can provide selected products which is of high quality and comply to international standards in order to combine and assemble for clients.
  • We have sufficient spare parts in the warehouse for immediate services


Service Policy

  • Investment cost saving and sincere help to manage the investment cost
  • Diversity of services such as customization, tailor made, retrofit
  • To reduce cost, priority consideration is given to existing machines/equipment improvement as much as possible
  • Global standards of service and products with appropriate cost effective budget