Vacuum Contactor (VCS)


Susol VC
LS Susol vacuum contactors are mainly used for the switching of motors, transformers, capacitors in AC power lines. They can be installed in multi -stack cubicles.



Tri-MEC vacuum contactors are mainly used for the switching of motors, transformers, capacitors in AC power lines. They can be installed in multi-stack cubicles.
A vacuum contactor comprises several assemblies such as switching mechanism including vacuum interrupters, magnetic actuator, high strength molded front cover and auxiliary devices. Stable and high operating cycle is executed by the vacuum interrupters made of high alumina ceramic tube which makes it possible to degas in a high temperature with excellent mechanical strength.
Actuating is available either at instantaneous or continuous excitation. Functions for safety in connecting and disconnecting are also provided.

Operation conditions

  • Ambient temperature : -5 to 40℃
  • Maximum temperature of 24-hour mean : 35 ℃
  • Altitude : 1000m
  • Humidity
    • 24-hour measured average – max. 95% RH
    • 1 month measured average – max. 90% RH
  • Applied standards : IEC Pub. 60470, IEC 60282-1, JEM 1167, KEMC 1126


We have the major technology that others can not catch up. LS vacuum contactors provide high withstand-current strength and switching capacity as well as versatile auxiliary functions.

  • High performance, high reliability and long service life
    LS vacuum interrupters that comply with IEC, ANSI and NEMA standards are manufactured by the process of brazing and degasing together in a high vacuum furnace to assure high reliability.
  • Superior mechanical strength and degasing
    Providing long service life and suited for frequently operating purpose due to using high alumina ceramic tube and degasing in a high temperature.
  • High speed interruption and short arcing time
    It has fast recovering characteristic of vacuum insulation. When opening it breaks the current at the first current-zero point to minimize the wearing of contacts.
  • Reliable interruption of fault current
    LS current limiting power fuse can protect the devices and systems from fault current by interrupting within half cycle. High current such as short-circuit current cause a fuse blown out due to the reaction on the material inside of a fuse within such a short time.Safety

LS Tri-MEC vacuum contactors provide several auxiliary functions for safe and comfortable use.


Customer satisfaction through quality and service-LS medium voltage vacuum contactors
Tri-MEC vacuum contactors using LS vacuum interrupters manufactured with world-class technology are type tested in LS PT&T that is accredited high power test lab by world-class KOLAS.


Applied standard IEC 62271 – 106, IEC 60282 – 1, JEM 1167, KEMC 1126
Ratings 3.6/7.2kV, 200/400A, 50/60Hz
Short-circuit breaking capacity 4kA (O-3min-CO-2min.-CO)
Rated short-time withstand current 2.4kA-30s, 4kA-10s, 6kA-2s, 6.3kA-1s
Power-frequency withstand voltage 20kV/1min
Impulse withstand voltage 60 Up[kV]