Starting Resistors

Starting resistors – Oil-cooled resistor starters




  • Simple starter with stator contactor for LV machines up to 640 kW
  • Simple starter without stator contactor for LV and MV machines up to 6400 kW
  • Double starter without stator contactor for LV and MW machines up to 12800 kW
  • Starter with plain steel plate tank
  • Starter with ribbed tank for higher starting frequency
  • Starter with additional water cooling for high starting frequency

Standard equipment

  • On/Off control switches wired to terminals for superordinate control: -X1.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21.
  • Auxiliary switches wired to terminals required for the customer’s control activities -X1.13, 14.
  • Temperature monitoring, alarm at 100°C -X1.7, 8 tripping at 130°C, -X1.3, 4
  • Standard control voltage 230V – 50/60 Hz
  • Stepped contactors, controlled via PLC module (alternatively via time relay for starting steps).
  • Output step contactor(s)
  • Cable inlets, connection directly on the output step contactor
  • Oil level gauge
  • Painting RAL 7035
  • Stator contactor and thermal over-current relay for drives up to 640 kW, as per Table 2
  • Water cooling, size 52, 54, 56



  • Transformer for different control voltage.
  • Electronic blocking control during starting.
  • Cable cover to raise the protection to IP 55.
  • Level indicator.
  • Monitoring of the number of starting steps
  • Oil tank with cooling ribs.
  • Control switch (-S10) ON/OFF wired to terminals for local control, signal lamps indicating the position.
  • Space heater for control box
  • Rotor voltage > 2000 V.
  • Control for brush lifter.
  • Terminal box for rotor cable.
  • Optimized, speed-controlled ramp control.
  • Remote display and remote control via PROFIBUS ( Multi-function display for oil temperature, switching condition, number of admissible starting steps.

Standards and regulations
3PA3 starters comply with the specifications of

  • DIN VDE 0660 Regulations for low-voltage switchgear
  • DIN 46062 Starters for direct current and alternating current slip-ring motors
  • IEC 60947-4-1 Low voltage switchgear, contactors and motor starters

They conform to the European Council’s Low Voltage Directive 73/234 EEC. According to DIN 50010, T1 the starters are suited for installation in

  • indoor climate
  • roofed outdoor climate
  • outdoor climate without weathering protection

Protection class
IP 54 pursuant to DIN 40050 / IEC 144

Ambient temperature
25°C to +45°C, higher temperatures upon request

Installation altitude
up to 1000 above sea level, higher altitudes upon request.

To be provided by the customer

  • Level foundation
  • Oil catchment device, catch basin
  • Stator contactor or circuit breaker
  • Line-side short-circuit protection
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Supply and filling in of the oil fill

Oil fill
For the oil fill, use acid-free insulating oil pursuant to DIN 51370, DIN VDE 0370. Esso Univolt 56

  • Shell Diala D
  • Energol JS R
  • BP JSH-A

Starters may only be transported without oil fill.