Smart Motor Protection Relay (S-EMPR)


IMP series
The IMP series are optimal solutions for protecting and monitoring motors in complex industrial fields and provide high safety and productivity


icon_mcu Total Digital Motor Protection Relay with the MCU (Microprocessor Control Unit)

  • Real-time processing and high precision
icon_body One-Body Type and Separate Body Type

  • The display can be attached to the panel front so that current, operation time and settings can be checked without fetching the unit. With the display separated, the motor can be protected.
icon_aic Applicable to Inverter Circuits

  • Thanks to its good high harmonic noise characteristics, it can be applied to the 2nd stage of inverter control circuits. The available frequency range is 20~200Hz. When the relative harmonic factor is over 30%, a harmonic filter should be installed (However, the ground fault function should be off).
icon_wide Wide Current Control Range: 0.125~100A for One Model

  • With the slide S/W, the current control range can be decided 0.5~10A or 5~100A. According to the CT penetration number, even 0.125A current can be controlled. (Wire penetration hole).
icon_100a Up to 100A current, it can be used without an external current transformer for convenience and economic efficiency.
icon_return Various Recovery Functions

  • Manual, automatic and electric recovery functions are provided for customer convenience.
icon_wide2 Wide Ground Fault Sensitivity Current Control and Double Protection: 30mA~25A

  • Both zero-phase-sequence current and post-arc current are detected simultaneously to provide customers with convenience and economic efficiency.
icon_lock Password

  • Settings are protected with a password.
icon_heat Heat Accumulation Inverse Time, Inverse Time and Definite Time Modes

  • According to user’s needs, the motor can be protected in the inverse time mode or definite time mode.
icon_storage Storage of Fault Events

  • Up to five fault events can be stored for easy fault history management.
icon_ampere 3-Phase Digital Ampere-Meter

  • 3-phase current is displayed every two seconds for motor monitoring.
icon_chk Quick Setup

  • All settings can be decided quickly on the display.
icon_date Date

  • When a fault occurs, its date and time are stored foreasy checkup.
icon_clock Total Operating Time Setup

  • When the total operation time is over, it is displayed for changing motor bearings or supplying oil.
icon_antena2 Communication

  • RS485 and MODBUS are supported for communication with various systems. The model with analogue signals (4~20mA) is compatible with transducer systems.



  • Overload-49
    • Motor current is detected and is applied to I2t. If it reaches the characteristic curve, overload protection is on.
    • The overload function can be set to be on when the current is increased by 600% in consideration of motor operating time. Since operation time can be set from 1 second to 60 seconds in 1-second increments, up to 60 classes can be decided for overload characteristic curves.
    • In the definite time mode, regardless of motor heat, current after delaytime is