Sivacon S8 by CPT

Power Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies

According to IEC 61439-1:2020, IEC 61439-2:2020






The CPT-LV1000 is a low voltage switchgear assembly. Its design is verified in accordance with IEC 61439 Part 1 & 2.

The principle of the application both in electrical and mechanical design as well as the use of standardized components allows its flexible and compact design.

The horizontal bus bar is located at the top of the cubicle. When the top cover is removed, access is obstruction-free and all sections can be easily inspected.

The rated of bus current is 5,000A, and various types of power distribution systems are supported including three-phase three-wire type and three-phase four-wire type systems.

According to IEC 61439-1, Sivacon S8 by CPT can use for LV systems with a rated voltage of 415V (for control circuit) and 1000V (for assembly).

Sivacon S8 by CPT can withstand the Short-circuit rating of 85 kA up to 415V at 1 second.