Our History

More than 20 years ago, Thailand started industrialization from an agricultural society. Initially, many industries had production capacity only sufficient for domestic use in order to decrease imports. Afterwards, the industries started developing for export purposes but were hardly successful due to low production capacity and unreliable product quality caused by out of date machines and insufficient personnel skillful in efficient machine control.

At the same time, many industries in developed countries had focused in developing technology innovation through application of automation machinery in manufacturing process. In addition, the hot weather and humidity of Thailand caused unreliability to control the machines. Therefore, international technical support was necessary to solve problems and improve productivity resulting in high cost and delays due to the travelling.

CPT Drives and Power Public Company Limited (established in 1995), set up by an experienced Thai Engineering Team with sufficient expertise from well-known companies worldwide, with the aim to provide the same quality of technical support with affordable cost.

Presently CPT has developed into a public company providing a full-range of services and teams, including a design team and an engineer production team. With the strength of providing power and control modules combined with high quality products, CPT has been accepted by customers and has become the major provider in the Thai Industry. CPT has a proven record of winning tenders against worldwide companies in many projects not only in Thailand but also internationally.

Our Mission

Become the Leader in ASEAN

Our aim is to be one of the leaders in design and installation of machinery and electric control systems with respect to price, technology, quality and service. We also aim to improve and upgrade existing technology and inculcate innovation particularly in energy saving and automation production processes.



Sales Growth

Expanding to international markets, energy production and other target groups, through establishment of dealerships in Asian Countries.

In the near future, being part of the ASEAN Economic Community is unavoidable, leading to more opportunities and overall increase in market demand. The manufacturers’ competitiveness will be a major factor in market competition. Hence lower cost and more efficiency of production are urgent necessities for manufacturers. Therefore, modern technology in machine control will be an effective solution which is in line with CPT’s direct experience of implementing old machine upgrading and new machine control systems.



Product Innovation

Develop new high quality products to improve competitiveness by creating new assembly lines for high specification and to elevate the production process.

Due to rapid changes in technology, CPT has continuously researched and developed innovative solutions in order to conform with technology and product changes. As a result, CPT can offer the appropriate solutions to suit various aspects of clients’ requirements.


Team Development

Develop human resources by providing internal, external and overseas training to improve skills and knowledge.

With being in this area of business for a long time and with many experienced engineers, we are ready to provide training to customers in our office, in customer’s factory and facilitate on the job training.